ASIANetwork Honorees

I often commented to my departmental colleagues that my participation in ASIANetwork has been one of the most rewarding and enjoyable aspects of my academic career. At my retirement from Muhlenberg, I was both pleased and honored that my departmental colleagues saw fit to recognize my service to the department with a donation to ASIANetwork’s newly created endowment fund. I would urge other members to consider the point at which they move to emeritus status as an opportunity to solicit a similar donation to help ASIANetwork to continue to prosper and deliver the wide range of programming that institutional membership provides. 

–Chris Herrick, Muhlenberg College

Contact the Executive Director to make a gift in honor of a colleague’s career milestone.

Donald Clark, Trinity University, Professor of History Emeritus specializing in Korea
Former Chair of the ASIANetwork Board of Directors
Anonymous, in support of the Embodied Learning Program, 2019

Jerry Amoloza, East Central College, Professor of Economics Emeritus
Longtime supporter of ASIANetwork with his wife Teddy Amoloza
Colleagues, in honor of his retirement, 2020

Chris Herrick, Muhlenberg College, Professor of Political Science Emeritus specializing in China
Former Chair of the ASIANetwork Board of Directors
Director of the ASIANetwork Postdoctoral Teaching Fellows Program
Colleagues, in honor of his retirement, 2021

Glenn Shive, Director Emeritus and CEO of the Hong Kong America Center (HKAC)
Member of the ASIANetwork Council of Advisors
HKAC Board, in honor of his leadership, 2021

Teddy Amoloza, Illinois Wesleyan University, Professor of Sociology Emerita
ASIANetwork service: Board Member, Director of the Student Faculty Fellows Program, Executive Director, Financial Officer
Colleagues, in honor of her retirement, 2022