Our Impacts

ASIANetwork fosters collaboration among individuals and institutions in North America and Asia and works to deepen intercultural understanding. Our leading liberal arts colleges and universities set the standard for education about Asia at the undergraduate level, cultivate tomorrow’s leaders through global engagement, and build capacity for teaching and learning about Asia in diverse communities. 

Since 1992, ASIANetwork has received over $12 million in support of our innovative programming for students, faculty, institutions and communities across North America and in numerous Asian regions, delivering on the mission of our funding partners including Mellon, Luce, Freeman, Ford, and Fulbright. 

Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow Program

The Luce-funded Postdoctoral Teaching Program prepares recent Ph.D. graduates for careers in education about Asia.

Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow Program


The ASIANetwork postdoctoral fellowship program leads member colleges by enhancing their Asian Studies curriculum with cutting-edge scholarship of recent Ph.D.’s. Teaching fellows bring Asia to students across the curriculum and help ensure that Asia remains an important part of undergraduate liberal arts education.

Erin Schoneveld

Assistant Professor of Japanese Art and Visual Culture

Haverford College

Following my year as the ASIANetwork Luce Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow at Haverford College, I was invited to remain on the faculty as Visiting Assistant Professor. Based upon the success of my postdoctoral position, the Provost’s Office at Haverford supported a new tenure-track search in contemporary Japanese art and culture. I applied and successfully received the tenure track offer.


The ASIANetwork postdoctoral fellowship delivers by giving recent Ph.D.’s the opportunity to hone their teaching skills in small classes, under the guidance of mentors, within the context of America’s finest liberal arts colleges and universities. As teaching fellows, they reflect on teaching and pursue scholarly research while preparing to enter the job market. And they are successful. Of the 24 teaching fellows who have completed their fellowships since the program’s inception in 2010, over 20 now hold tenure-track or continuing positions at universities across the United States and the world. And half of the fellows currently have secured positions at ASIANetwork colleges. 

ASIANetwork Postdoctoral Teaching Program

Funded by: Henry Luce Foundation
Level of Support: $1,900,000
Years Active: 2010-present

Impacts: 25 colleges received support to hire and mentor early-career teacher-scholars; over 85% of them subsequently moved into academic teaching positions at liberal arts colleges and comprehensive universities.

Student-Faculty Fellows Program

Supported by the Freeman Foundation, the Student-Faculty Fellows Program funds students and their faculty mentors to carry out summer projects addressing global issues in an Asian context.

Student-Faculty Fellows Program


The ASIANetwork Student-Faculty Fellows Program supports teams of students and faculty to carry out meaningful summer projects in Asia, dealing with current global issues in an Asian context. Students collaborate with Asian people, and under strong faculty mentorship, develop practical and professional skills while preparing for their careers.


ASIANetwork Student-Faculty Fellows Program projects engage students closely with Asian people to advance knowledge, address local challenges, and inspire others to make a difference in a globally-connected society.

ASIANetwork Student-Faculty Fellows Program

Funded by: Freeman Foundation
Level of Support: $7,354,658
Years Active: 1998-present

Impacts: 234 grants to 1135 fellows from 113 member institutions